For EOSC End-users - Module 2: The EOSC Portal

Welcome to this course which will give you an overview of the main functionalities of the EOSC Portal for researchers and other consumers (end-users) of EOSC data, services and software). This module is intended for researchers regardless of their discipline or career stage.

This content is under review and will be finalised soon.

EOSC End-users

Learning outcomes

The course will prepare you to:

  • describe the types of information, resources and services available on the EOSC Portal.
  • navigate through the EOSC Portal.
  • browse and search the EOSC Catalogue & Marketplace.
  • use My EOSC Marketplace.
  • compare and order services via the EOSC Catalogue & Marketplace.

Course structure

The content within the course will take you 2-3 hours to work through.

Data Discovery
Data Preservation
Research Data Management

Open Science

Citizen Scientists




Narrative text






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