Addressing Legal & Ethical Issues in EOSC

Welcome to this train-the-trainer course on addressing legal and ethical issues relating to European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) use. It's intended for trainers who will include EOSC subjects in their training. It's disciplinarily agnostic and applicable to trainers working with a range of stakeholder groups. 

EOSC Trainers

The content in this course will get you ready to enable learners to:

  • understand ethical and legal issues relating to EOSC services, products, and usage.
  • be confident in addressing ethical and legal queries on EOSC.
  • confidently host ethical and legal discussions on EOSC within their institution

Course structure

This course should take you no longer than an hour to compete. For each section we've provided a range of enrichment reading that you can use to broaden your knowledge of ethical and legal issues relating to EOSC, as well as to refresh your understanding of key topics that feed into these issues, such as research data management, Open Science, GDPR and sensitive data.

These resources can be found in the supporting resources section and are signposted throughout. We recommend you access them in your own time as points of reference to further your learning, as opposed to the designated content throughout the 5 main learning sections of the course itself. 


It is advised that trainers taking this course first complete the 'Introduction to EOSC' module developed for the stakeholder communities in which they train.

Data Protection








Legal Issues


Open Science



Research Support




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