Incorporating accessibility into training on EOSC

Welcome to this train-the-trainer course on incorporating accessibility into training on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). This course will give you an overview of approaches to accessible training and allow you to create accessible training on EOSC and in your own institution.

The course is intended for trainers who will include EOSC subjects in their training. It is is disciplinary agnostic and applicable to trainers working with a range of stakeholder groups.

EOSC Trainers

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain various elements of accessibility and its importance to training
  • Differentiate between different needs of target audiences
  • Construct EOSC training materials along with tools and approaches that enhance the accessibility of the training

Course structure

This course should take you approx. 2 hours to complete. You can therefore leave and return at later time/date and your progress will be preserved. For each section we have provided a range of supporting resources that you can use to broaden your knowledge
of Incorporating Accessibility into Training on EOSC.

These resources can be found in the supporting resources section and are signposted throughout. We recommend you access them in your own time as points of reference to further your learning, as opposed to the designated content throughout the 3 main learning sections of the course itself.


Before you start we recommend you refer to the list of resources located in the supporting resources section under 'Prerequisitesthat are useful pre-reading.





Learning Resources


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