For EOSC Trainers - EOSC Ice Breakers (discussion cards)

This is the online version of the card game EOSC Ice Breakers, designed in the scope of the EOSC Future project as a training resource. It is intended for trainers providing training about the European Open Science Cloud to a wide range of stakeholders (researchers, service providers, policy-makers). If you want to use physical cards, download the game files from Zenodo. More information can be found under "Copyright statement".

EOSC Trainers


EOSC Ice Breakers game aims to raise awareness of the European Open
Science Cloud, Open Science and the related legal and ethical issues
through discussion.


The card deck includes 30 cards: 8 mythbusting cards and 22 statement cards.

Mythbusting cards have a statement (myth) on one side and an answer dispelling the myth on the other.

Statement cards have a statement for discussion on the front side. The statements are grouped into three categories: 

  • EOSC, 

  • Open Science and 

  • Ethics and Legal Issues, 

and three complexity levels: 

  • Level 1 (easy), 
  • Level 2 (somewhat difficult) and 
  • Level 3 (quite difficult). 

categories and complexity levels are indicated on the back of the card.
If you wish, you can make additional cards by adding your own
statements or myths.

How to use?

cards can be used in many ways. For example, you can use all the cards
in your engagement and training activities, but you may also wish to
limit the discussion to mythbusting, or a particular topic, or to a
particular complexity level. You could also add your cards with
statements relevant to your audiences and contexts. Use the blank cards
as templates.

Mythbusting cards can be used as an
introduction to the game – as an icebreaker. Based on the discussion
around mythbusting topics, the facilitator could assess whether
participants are familiar with a particular set of topics or not and
shape the further course of the game in accordance with this assessment.

In the following sections, you can find the cards and some ideas on how to play the game.





Open Science



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