EOSC Learning Path - EOSC Research Practitioner

This Learning Path provides the basics of how to become a Research Practitioner of EOSC. An EOSC Research Practitioner is a researcher who makes use of EOSC services and resources in their research.

EOSC Future Learning Paths

This pathway is designed to equip researchers with the knowledge to:

  • Understand the structure of EOSC and how to make use of the services and resources,
  • Understand and use the EOSC Portal, 
  • Design and execute workflows,
  • Understand ethical and legal issues associated with EOSC use, including GDPR.

The learning path includes three steps with three self-paced courses:

  • How to use the EOSC Portal and the EOSC Marketplace
  • Use case: Dashboard for the State of the Environment
  • Legal & ethical issues in EOSC

It is not strictly sequenced but it is recommended to follow the courses in the presented order. Each course will take you up to one hour to complete.

Data Discovery

Data Visualisation


EOSC Marketplace


EOSC Portal




Open Science

Research Managers




EOSC Future
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