How to integrate your onboarded service with the EOSC Helpdesk?

Welcome to this course on the EOSC Helpdesk. The course is intended for service providers who have onboarded services to the EOSC Marketplace and would like to integrate their existing helpdesks with EOSC Helpdesk in order enable users to contact them via the EOSC Marketplace or use the EOSC Helpdesk as-a-service to manage user requests.

EOSC Providers

Learning outcomes

The module will prepare you to:

  • understand how a helpdesk works
  • explain the benefits of the EOSC Helpdesk
  • be able to find relevant documentation
  • be able carry out integration

Course structure

The material within the course will take you about 45 minutes to work through.

The introductory section explains what a helpdesk is in general and gives a brief overview of the technical terms used in the course. After explaining the main elements and functions of the EOSC Helpdesk, the course focuses on the integration with the resources onboarded to the EOSC Marketplace. Step-by-step instructions are provided and main challenges are briefly discussed.

For each section we have provided a range of supporting resources that can help you integrate your services with the EOSC Helpdesk. The resources are signposted throughout and found within the 'supporting resources' section linked from the left-hand side menu.


It is advised that service providers who want to take this course complete the course on service onboarding.

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EOSC Helpdesk


EOSC Marketplace



IT Professionals


Provider managers




Research infrastructure managers


Research organisations


Resource managers


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