EOSC Monitoring Service Tutorial

Welcome to this provider tutorial on how to integrate the EOSC Monitoring Service with your services onboarded to the EOSC Marketplace.

This tutorial is intended for service providers who have onboarded services to the EOSC Marketplace and want to monitor the performance of their services and infrastructures using the EOSC Monitoring Service. Unlike the training course on the EOSC Monitoring Service, this tutorial explains all monitoring options, including the more complex ones.

EOSC Providers

Learning outcomes

The tutorial will help you:

  • understand how the monitoring system works (what is monitored and how);
  • explain the benefits of service monitoring;
  • find relevant documentation;
  • carry out the integration of the EOSC Monitoring Service
  • be able to integrate an external monitoring system
  • know how to use the EOSC monitoring data in a third-party system.

Tutorial structure

The tutorial begins with the explanation of the main concepts and terms and the description of the user interface. Further on, the full range of monitoring options are explained.

For each section we have provided a range of supporting resources that can help you integrate your services with the EOSC Monitoring Service. The resources are signposted throughout and found within the 'supporting resources' section linked from the left-hand side menu.


It is recommended that to familiarise yourself with the procedure for service onboarding before using this tutorial. You can take this course to learn more.

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Milica Ševkušić, Emir Imamagić, Iryna Kuchma, Kristina Zailac, Margareta Hellström, Themis Zamani
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