How to onboard services to the EOSC Marketplace via the EOSC Portal Open API?

Welcome to this course which aims to give you an overview of one of the procedures for onboarding services to the EOSC Marketplace. Onboarding is a process that a provider must follow to register a resource in the EOSC Marketplace. The onboarding process is different for research products (publications, data, software), services, data sources and learning resources. Using the API is recommended to those onboarding many resources and also makes it easier to update the resources' records in the EOSC Marketplace.

EOSC Providers

The course will help you:

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of service onboarding;
  • Familiarise yourself with training resources and documentation relating to onboarding; 
  • Perform onboarding of services and service catalogues using the EOSC Portal Open API.

Course structure

The content within the course will take you up to 60 min to work through. 

The course will guide you through the following topics: 

  • benefits of service onboarding and basic concepts and terms
  • finding instructions relating to the onboarding process
  • formal requirements regarding providers' legal status
  • steps to take in order to prepare yourself and your services for onboarding
  • the registration of  providers
  • the registration of services
  • further steps towards a better integration with the EOSC Marketplace.


It is advised that providers taking this module familiarise themselves with the EOSC Portal and Marketplace.

EOSC Marketplace


EOSC onboarding



IT Professionals


Provider Managers




Research Infrastructure Managers


Research Organisations


Resource Managers


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