Best Practice in Open Science (v2)

This course introduces some practical steps for opening up your
research practices and how to meet expectations relating to openness from funders, publishers and peers.

FOSTER Open Science

Upon completing this course, you will:

  • be able to contextualise your research environment.
  • be aware of the questions you should bear in mind as you progress through the key stages of your research.
  • know about some discipline-specific resources to help you embed Open Science into work research practices.

We begin by exploring the practical implications of Open Science, and
the benefits it can deliver for research integrity and public trust, as
well as benefits you will accrue in your own work. (Please note that in
some countries/regions, 'Open Science' is synonymous to 'Open Research'
and these terms can be used interchangeably!) After a short elaboration
of some useful rules of thumb, we move quickly onto some more practical
steps towards meeting contemporary best practice in Open Science, and
introduce some useful discipline specific resources.

CC-0 (Public Domain)

FOSTER Open Science
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