EIFL-negotiated agreements with publishers

The list of waivers and discounts for Articles Processing Charges negotiated by EIFL available to authors from eligible EIFL partner countries through the EIFL Licensing Programme. Browse the list to find waivers and discounts for your country, and inform researchers from your institutions. They may not be aware of this opportunity. 


Research4Life: options for reduced or waived publication charges

Research4Life provides waivers and discounts for authors in lower income countries wishing to publish Open Access articles: http://oare.research4life.org/content/en/oaapc_info.php


The OpenAPC initiative releases data sets on fees paid for open access journal articles by universities and research institutions.
Use this resource to show how much is spent on APCs in your country on in your institutions (if the data are available), as well as to learn more about transformative agreements.

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